How to Maxwin Slot Hot Fiesta 2022


Kompasin.comHow to Maxwin Slot Hot Fiesta 2022

Hot Fiesta is one of the slots that comes from pragmatic play, this one slot is looking for a combination of 5 lines and multiplication wilds, this slot is almost the same as the wwg slot.

To get free spins, you have to look for 3 scatters, which is similar to the wwg slot.

In this article, Mimin will review the Maxwin trick in the latest Hot Fiesta Pragmatic Play slot 2022.

For maxwin slot fiesta, you will get 3 spins per balloon, and the number of free spins you get is 27 pieces.

So, below, I’ve summarized the Maxwin Hot Fiesta 2022 slot trick.

Maxwin Hot Fiesta 2022 Slot Tricks

1. Multiply Regular Spins

For Maxwin in the fiesta slot, there is no need to buy scatters, in fact free scatters can also be Maxwin.

In addition, free scatters are better than playing buy scatters.

2. Use Hockey Account

Based on Mimin’s trial, the account is very influential to get Maxwin.

Recently, Mimin created a hockey account, by tricking the data of people who have never played gambling.

As a result, the admin gets a hockey account, and it’s easier to hit the jackpot in every pragmatic.

And mimin got maxwin in the silver fiesta bet 500 slot, with 27 spins, and a total win of 2 million.